A Self-Improving Decentralized AI Network
Bringing smarter, trustless AI to blockchains.
The Benefits of Decentralized AIAllora makes AI compatible with decentralized networks without sacrificing performance. With years of research and an industry-leading team, Allora has built the best-in-class decentralized AI network.
Collective IntelligenceModels in the network continuously learn from each other, enhancing its collective intelligence and enabling it to self-improve over time.
Universal AccessPermissionless, composable access to AI, enabling builders everywhere to innovate and create with AI as a foundational element.
Tamper-Proof OutputsUtilizes zkML and cryptographic verification to create outputs that are verifiably secure and unalterable, ensuring trust in AI's decisions.
Scalability on DemandAdapts and expands without limits, scaling with demand while maintaining high performance and robust security.
Privacy ProtectionProtect personal data through local processing, reducing the risk of breaches and preserving user privacy.
Reduced BiasLeverages diverse data inputs to reduce bias, leading to more balanced and fair AI-driven outcomes.
A Proven Track RecordAllora’s network is seeded with one of the most robust price prediction models in the industry. In over two years of in-market activity, it has supported over 400 million assets with over 95% accuracy.
Assets supported400m
Prediction accuracy95-99%
Update cadence<5 min
Assets supported400m
Prediction accuracy95-99%
Update cadence<5 min
Use CasesAllora offers decentralized infrastructure for developers across industries to integrate trustless AI . With Allora, you can unlock new applications utilizing predictive analytics, automation, financialization, and much more.
AI-Powered Yield StrategiesCurrent DeFi yield strategies often struggle with real-time market responsiveness and are limited in their ability to process vast datasets, resulting in less optimized returns. AI, on the other hand, can analyze data with speed and efficiency that no human could replicate.More info
AI-Enhanced Prediction MarketsTraditional prediction markets often suffer from low liquidity, especially in niche areas. AI agents can help overcome these limitations by efficiently managing market making and trading strategies.
Automated Onchain Index FundsAn AI-powered crypto index fund could automatically reallocate funds based on nuanced market analysis, eliminating the need for a central manager.
AI-Powered GovernanceGovernance models in DAOs and broader political contexts often struggle with voter apathy and misalignment between representatives and constituents’ interests. AI agents offer a potential solution by providing precise, data-driven participation in governance.
AI-Powered MEVAI-powered MEV extraction bots can expand on today’s simulation-based bots by executing probabilistic and multi-block profit-extracting strategies. 
Risk ManagementTraditional financial behavior analysis sometimes lack the granularity and adaptability needed to fully understand individual customer preferences. Decentralized AI yields a new dimension of personalized analysis, diving deep into each customer's financial habits and preferences.
Personalized Gaming ExperiencesPlayer individuality is often neglected in gaming experiences. AI could be used to tailor games to individual play styles and choices, elevating players’ experiences.
AI-Powered Insurance VaultsInsurance processes are bogged down by manual administration and slow decision-making. AI could revolutionize this sector by automating these processes and ensuring more accurate and quicker settlements.
[Your Application Here]Explore the new design space of decentralized, AI-powered applications made possible by Allora. Join our community to get involved and start building.More info
The Allora NetworkBy combining research at the frontier of crowdsourcing mechanisms (peer prediction), federated learning, and zkML, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.
Contribute the most useful intelligence to gain influence and rewards.Workers dedicate their efforts to provide the most useful intelligence for optimizing different shared objectives.Workers contribute novel ML models, help fine-tune existing models and predicted losses of models to the network.
Evaluate the performance of workers to create aggregated, context-aware model outputs.Reputers compare the inferences of different workers in the network and quantify how much these inferences contribute to the network’s objective functions.Reputers receive rewards proportional to their stake and the quality of their evaluations.
Build powerful, smarter applications leveraging decentralized AI.Decentralized machine intelligence is a powerful new primitive and a crucial piece of the next generation of applications and protocols.Join the growing ecosystem of developers building at the intersection of crypto and AI with Allora.
Start building todayAllora is a growing community of developers building the next generation of AI-enhanced applications.
Want to learn more about the Allora network?
Allora enables applications to leverage smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of ML models. Visit the docs to learn more about contributing to the network and/or building AI-enhanced applications on top of it.
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